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The Ready, Earth, Go! series is for the whole family –big or small- and aims to teach the young ones about environmental and social issues.

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Juby is always enthusiastic and peppy, and has a tendency to charge into situations headfirst. She has a curious mind and loves to explore Earth and its people. Juby is very fast; using her ball-like shape to roll at high speed, though she sometimes has trouble maneuvering.

S’poro is very kind and is always eager to help others, but his clumsiness sometimes gets him into trouble. He comes from a region where it is all open skies and giant floating lily pads, so he is not used to all the obstacles on Earth. S’poro always puts his best petal forward, so try not to be too upset if he accidentally knocks over your things.

Xalor has a keen mind and is always thinking about how to help his friends from a spot of trouble. He rides a hover chair and likes to do flips and races Juby on it. He likes to challenge himself by learning new things about Earth and its technology with Vivi. Xalor’s home region was much warmer than Earth, so he wears a t-shirt to stay warm.

Suul is a goofball who likes to joke around. They like to hide in buckets and air ducts by changing their shape like water to fit. They often play pranks with Javier and Kevin on their friends. Suul comes from an underwater region, so they need to absorb water every few days or they will start to shrink. Aside from mischief, there is nothing Suul loves more than food.

Orxa is generally very quiet and seems grumpy all the time. She comes from a region where everyone has big ears like hers that are as sensitive to sound as hers are. Orxa is not used to all the noise on Earth so she is grumpy because of all the noise. Orxa can use her strong ears to walk or pick up objects out of her reach. She likes to eat cookies and read with James and Sarah.

Sarah is shy, but once you get to know her, you will find she is very gentle. Sarah is creative and loves to draw. She often comes up with amazing ideas, but sometimes needs a little push to voice them. She likes to play video games with James and her sisters, but most of all, Sarah loves to read books.

James is sweet and kind. He likes to play video games and play with his friends. James also loves to read, and will read with Sarah whenever he gets the chance. James does not have siblings, but he has two mommies and two dogs, Shelby and Gigi, for company!

Kevin is laid back, but he also has a mischievous side. He loves napping  and you can often find him sleeping under a tree while James and Sarah read. He sometimes plays pranks on his friends with Javier and Suul. Kevin loves playing basketball with S’poro and soccer with Javier.

Vivienne likes to be called Vivi by her family and friends. She is cheerful and optimistic, always cheering up her friends. Vivi is very smart and often helps Xalor with his projects, and is always the one who thinks of plans to help her friends out of a bind. Vivi likes to watch cartoons and anime with her brother. She also practices martial arts with her sister.

Javier is fun-loving and mischievous. He is always cracking jokes to cheer up his friends. He loves playing harmless pranks on his friends and family, and often ropes Kevin into helping. Javier loves soccer and wants to be a professional player in the future.